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Our very own in house manufactured pneumatic roller track system for air cargo or palettized loads. Running off the vehicles air brakes with a separate air tank to supply the system. Simply pull the switch, galvanized rollers raise out of the floor capable of lifting 20 tons. Push the load along by hand, deactivate the system and the rollers disappear ensuring your load stays where it should.

A Slipchain system or Powered Rollers can be added for an Automatic Solution.

  • 4 track for large pallets or 6 track for standard pallets.

  • Custom Layout available.

  • Fitted on new and existing vehicles. (Raises floor by 72mm.)

  • Operates on a mere 2 bar air pressure.

  • Capable of lifting 20+ tonnes.

  • Heavy duty impact rollers to protect when forklift loading.

  • 21mm plywood walkways

  • Heavy Duty Air Cells with protective layer made to last for years.

  • Strongest top plates in this class prevent bending.

Compressors available for smaller vehicles.


Regardless of the length or width of the vehicle, a conveyor system can be installed. Mostly used for the lighter products like paper, but feel fee to discuss your requirements with us. We are ready to assist you and offer you the correct solution to your loading problems.

Our conveyor systems are custom designed for each vehicle. A 24v Geared motor is used to operate, connected to vehicles batteries. The conveyor belts used can be up to 3- ply depending on commodity being loaded.

Power Systems can be hydraulic or electric. The conveyor can either be built into the floor or raised. We can even assist with different levels of conveyors inside a vehicle.

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